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Coming up for air!!

March 15, 2011

This last month has been really difficult.  I got hired on to color Shakti (which I can’t share with you quite yet..hence the scarcity of posts lately) and at the same time we had some things going on at home AND my oldest daughter’s 6th birthday (happy birthday honey!!) (daddy loves you!!!!).  I also won the opportunity to get some artwork showcased on a sketch card set by Cult-Stuff AND I’m still needing to keep my EPIC flats towards the top of my list!!  Woosh!!! It’s been a CrAaAaaaAZy month!!!!

So lets take a look at the ToDo list, shall we??

Lots and lots of stuff done.  Still plenty to do!!  The important thing is I’ve been very productive this month and neither died nor got kicked out of the house.  Now that I’m finished with coloring for a bit (until the next batch of pages show up) I have time to clear out as much flatting on EPIC as possible AND (most exciting for me!!) time for drawing!!!! I have some ideas for a few sketch cards I want to try and get to.

Thanks for reading!! See you right back here very soon.

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  1. Tracy Pecha permalink
    March 15, 2011 6:38 pm

    Happy Birthday Willow! Keep up the good work Eric! Take time to recharge the battary so you won’t get burned out!

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