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The Good, The Bad & The Mailer

April 5, 2011

First the bad news. Turns out that book I’ve been working on the colors for has been cancelled before it even got off the ground.  I’m told its a budget thing…but it’s difficult in situations like this to not have that sinking feeling that it was because my work wasn’t up to par. I’m not sure.  My editor on the project, Nathan Brown, is very cool and I hope to work with him again soon.  In any case I’m chalking that one up to experience and am moving forward. It’s just business.  I can’t let myself get too down about it.  I did the best job I could and if it works…it works. If it doesn’t…then it doesn’t.   I’ll be posting all 8 of the pages I had completed for that project here sometime later this week.

Now the good news! Today on my artwork is up as a guest strip!!  Darrin Stephens, the creator of the very fun web comic Space Slugs had some things going on and didn’t have a a post so I sort of invited myself to create some fan art.  I sent it in and turns out he loved it and used it as todays post! Woot!!  So check that out today and be sure to let Darrin know how much you loved my strip. I’ll repost that strip here on gwgdotcom here next week.  😀

And lastly for today…I mailed out some artwork yesterday and I wanted to share the little sketch I did on the package.  I’ve always loved it when I get some art and the artist draws something on the outside for me so I decided that whenever possible I’m going to do the same.  I highly encourage all artists to do the same. It’s a lot of fun, it helps you stand out with the people that buy your artwork and…well…it’s cool.

Thanks for reading along! Have a great day!

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