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Colored to Cancelled

April 13, 2011

#heavysigh  As seems to happen to me a lot I got my hopes up HUGE for this projects and after a short while it fell through.

A few months ago I was contacted about taking some work as a colorist on an upcoming book titled Shakti Warriors. I got through about half the books when, unfortunately, the project was cancelled. That happens often with comics but it’s still makes you think that even though all the feedback I received was positive…but maybe it was something I did wrong. I guess I just don’t know.  I got permission to go ahead and add these to my portfolio which is right here on this website.  So here they are.  I’m proud of these pages and sad that the project was pulled.

Now, look…I know I’m no Brian Miller, John Rauch nor Bettie Breitweiser when it comes to coloring.  Every panel for me is a labor. A real challenge. I have SO much to learn but I feel like I’m improving steadily and am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work on these pages. Huge thanks to Nicholas Brown for bringing me in on this one and I hope that we’ll have the chance to work together again soon.

Comments and critiques are, as always, welcome!! For larger versions of these images check out my DeviantArt page. Thanks for looking at my artwork and reading this jibberish!! 🙂

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