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Daily Sketches!

April 23, 2011

I’m drawing a LOT more recently (which I am thrilled about!!) and a part of that drawing is me trying to prepare myself for the conventions that I’m planning on attending this summer. So I’m going to try and create at least one sketch per day for the purpose of warming up, stretching my creative muscles a little AND attempting to attain a level of quality in my art that I would feel comfortable selling to someone at a con.

Special thanks to George Calloway and Ray Dillon for
encouraging me to draw and post these dailies.

Here is a sketch from last night this morning.

*special note: Sorry for the crappy quality on these photos. I’m scanner-less here at home so I’m stuck taking these picture with my cell phone.  I’ve got my eye on an 11 x 17″ scanner off of Amazon. My birthday is coming up…you know…if you’re not sure what to get me!


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