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STS-134 – Endeavour’s Final Flight into Space

May 25, 2011

I’ve been working on projects that I’m not allowed to post quite yet (hence the silence here on lately) but you should be seeing some stuff here before too long. 🙂

As I’m sure you’ve probably heard, the space shuttle Endeavour is in the midst right now of it’s final flight into space. STS-134 is delivering parts and equipment to the Space Station as well as the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer. (for more information on all these cool scientific things…check out NASA’s information site here). Our good friends at NASA like to post TONS of photos and videos from each and every launch…and this one is no exception.  Today they posted an un-frig’n-believable video shot from the Solid Rocket Boosters during the STS-134 launch.  You get to ride along from count down to splash down. It’s really a must see for any one interested at all in the shuttle program (which I’m pretty sure is everyone…right?)  I also posted the full launch from what was seen on NASA TV. So enjoy and I’ll see you back here real soon with more artwork.

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