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A Very Special Thank You & Looking to the Future

June 21, 2011

For a LONG time now I’ve been milling over in my mind a huge decision that I needed to make. Today…my wife and I came to terms with it, agreed on it…and so I sent out a letter to all my regular clients. Thank you everyone for reading. Below is the letter that I sent.



4 years ago this summer I somehow stumbled into the world of flatting.  It started off as a curiosity on a little book that I don’t think ever got published.  I didn’t see dime one from those first pages (who am I kidding…they were horrible and not worth getting paid for) but I poured my heart into them.  Over the course of a week I flatted the hell out of those 3 pages (I know, right?).  It wasn’t long after those first pages that I discovered Brian Miller’s book “HiFi Color for Comics” and began hanging out on HiFi Color’s forums.  Through a stroke of extraordinary luck…Brian and I struck up a friendship. Pretty quick…he took me under his wing and tutored me in flatting and coloring. It was Brian and his wife Kristy who then offered me my first real paid job in comics as a flatter.


I was so excited to be flatting those pages! There I was…working on line art of freaking Nightwing, Booster Gold, Superman and more! Seeing this art that maybe only a handful of other people in the world had seen yet.  I was happy to stay up half the night working just so I could tell myself that I was getting paid to work in comics. My flatting portfolio quickly began to fill in with some of the most fantastic (and hard to flat) pages around.  Pages came in. Invoices went out. Money came in.  It was fantastic!! For the next few years it was just about all I could have asked for. Since I was putting my wife through nursing school it was nice to be able to work all day at my 9-5 job then come home to take care of the kids until bedtime and finally sit up all night working on pages making extra money.


In May of 2010 my wife graduated. By the fall she had passed her boards, was working and then her first paycheck landed in our bank account.  From that point on…everything changed for me.  The backbreaking pressure to crank out as many pages as possible just wasn’t there anymore because we didn’t really NEED the money.  I began to take in somewhat fewer pages. I quit actively searching for new clients. My online portfolio began to gather dust.  Here I am about a year later and my heart is just not into it anymore. There was finally a little bit of time for me to look toward my true passions; drawing, writing and coloring. That led to a decision. I can no longer neglect the artistic goals I have set for myself. I’m not getting any younger and there are stories and images bouncing around my brain case that need to get out.


So, I’m excited (and a little bit terrified) to announce that effective immediately I will no longer be accepting any new pages for flatting.  I have made some unbelievable contacts in the business over the last 4 years. I’ve got to work with and for some amazing artists…and I’m truly going to miss those experiences.  It’s my hope that I’ll be able to stay in touch with everyone and that some day maybe we’ll be able to work together again…only next time in a somewhat different capacity. Thank you SO much for all the work and friendship you’ve given me. Especially to Brian and Kristy Miller, Chris Sotomeyer, Thomas Mason, Leonard O’Grady, Katie Cook, Kevin Mellon, Nathan Fox, Ty Tyner, Lisa Moore and everyone that I’ve been so fortunate to work with and for. My wife and two beautiful daughters also thank you for helping to keep food in their bellies at a time when my family was struggling to make ends meet.


So…there are a few projects that I’m working on right now that I’ve committed to and I have every intention of living up to those commitments.  I will either finish the projects myself or find someone else that I trust who can take them over…but I will not leave anyone hanging with pages due. I’m a screw up and an idiot most days but I have always tried my hardest to not miss my deadlines and that still holds true.


I ask you now to look forward with me to the future. To the new projects and stories that I now have the time to dedicate my artistic life to. I’ve already launched my, worked on some sketch card sets, began collaborating with some friends on a few things and recently had my first ever artist’s table at a convention.  I couldn’t be more excited for where my art is headed and I hope I don’t let you, my family nor myself down.


Thanks again for all your support! And please…stay tuned!!

Eric White

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  1. June 21, 2011 8:06 pm

    Congratulations Eric! I’m so happy for you. Good luck, I wish you great success!! -Kara

  2. June 24, 2011 8:29 pm

    Great news! Good luck on bigger and better things!

  3. Alyssa permalink
    July 18, 2011 5:32 pm

    I have always respected you in so many ways…as a brother, a husband, a father, and an artist, but it seemed too cheesy for me to say. I love you and could not be more proud of you! Keep up the great work!

    Love ya

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