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Catching up!!

July 17, 2011

Hey everyone, how’s things??  Good I hope. My family and I have been on a crazy summer ride here recently.  Vacations. Days off. Camping. Swimming. Playing. So far (about half way through the summer) we’ve been having a LOT of fun.

The biggest news of the summer by FAR is the final mission of the space shuttle program. The shuttle Atlantis, designated STS-135, lifted off on the morning of Friday July 8, 2011.


And here’s NASA’s video about the mission.

It’s a fantastic thing that this country has done over the last thirty some-odd years with the space shuttle program. I’m crushed that it program has come to an end and will certainly be crying like a baby when Atlantis touches down for the final time. That beinf said…I’m excited to see what NASA has in store for the future of manned space flight.  There’s already plenty of advancements and technology being developed.

The second biggest news of the summer (also space related!) Is the LONG awaited arrival of Star Trek streaming on NetFlix!! If you didn’t have the flix before…your should have it now!!!  I’ve started at the beginning of The Next Generation and am going to work my way though every episode. Then the original series, then Voyager, Enterprise and finally DS9. I can’t wait!!  Along with watching the shows I’m taking notes on all the episodes and will be posting a little bit here about each episode.  I love me some Trek so this should be a lot of fun.  I’m already about half way through season one so you should be seeing a Trek-Post soon.

Vacations. Ahh!! We love summer because its a great chance to get away from reality.  I ❤ vacations.   This year we headed east again to visit my wife’s family and attend my niece’s high school graduation (congrats Makenzie!!).  While we were there we took a day to visit DC again.

My oldest daughter had learned during her last month or so of kindergarten in social studies about Washington DC and several of its monuments. So we walked to the White House, the Vietnam War Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial and more. As always…we stopped by the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum.  That’s the one place I always go when I get to DC.

Great fun was had by all!! If you haven’t been there…I suggest you make a plan to get there soon.

Once back here in Nebraska we took about a week to go camping as well.  We’re big time campers and really love going. It was hotter than the surface of the sun out there a couple of days but luckily for us…we were at Mahoney State Park which has TONS of stuff to do inside in the AC and in the water.

While on that camping trip we also spent a day at the Strategic Air Command Air and Space Museum which is right next door to Mahoney.

I hadn’t been to that museum since I was a little kid which is sad. It’s a great place!! Tons of airplanes, exhibits and things to see. A great place. If you’re ever in the area…you have to go.  I mean…where else can you see an actual thermonuclear bomb just sitting around?

After all this playing around and vacationing…what about my artwork? I turned in my Comic Book Legal Defense Fund cards not long ago…and since then am not (and have no immediate plans to) signed up onto any sets or organized groups. I’m enjoying this time right now to not be under any sort of deadlines.  I’m working on some commissions and some artwork for myself.  You’ll be able to see my CBLDF cards once I hear back if they get approved (fingers crossed) and you’ll also see my commissions and other pieces as I finish them as well.

Thanks for reading along everyone. It’s been a great summer so far and it’s only half over!!

I leave you with this image of “Go Baby Go!” which was found on a nondescript corner of the Smithsonian. Thanks to Walter Cronkite for giving us that great quote.











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  1. alyssa permalink
    July 18, 2011 5:02 am

    Love the photos!

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