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PKD Media Colors

August 31, 2011

I have a couple old and a couple new images here to post for comic projects I colored for Shawn Pryor and PKD Media.

You may have seen this first piece. It’s the cover to Mercury & The Murd – Vol. 1: Collateral Damages by PKD Media.

This cover was drawn by my good friend and amazing artist 3!LL Blankenship. You can see more of 3!LL’s work (as well as see about ordering a commission) at his website:  He’s a cool dude so check him out.

What is Mercury & The Murd?  It’s a hilarious buddy-cop story about two brave cops protecting the streets from everything from apes, to burglars to ninjas. I highly recommend you checking this out.  Written by Shawn Pryor. Sequentials by Dave Dwonch and Chad Ciccioni.  You can download a digital copy now through for just $1.29 (hold crap!! that’s cheap!!). Get the now by clicking here.

Next up is another piece you may have seen before…the cover I colored for Agents of C.O.L.T. – Vol. 1: Recipe For Destruction

Another awesome book by PKD. This cover was drawn by the COLTs series artist Dave Dwonch.  I’m really happy with how this one turned out.  This story is best described as a action packed mix between classic GI Joe and Flash Gordon.  Written by Shawn Pryor and illustrated by the aforementioned Dwonch…this is 72 pages of fun that you can download from for just $.99. Wait…what? 99 cents??  That’s 72 pages in there…what the..? Get that by clicking on the link here.


Next up is a couple of teaser pages for yet another PKD Media story. This one is called Victor 2.  This will be available soon for digital download.

Let me just take a second here to say…Shawn Pryor of PKD Media and Action Lab Entertainment is one super cool dude and personally brought me in on all of these projects.  The man loves comics and has truly poured his life force in to each and every project that I’ve known him to work on.  He’s good people.  If you have the chance to work with him in any capacity on a project…do no hesitate.

That about wraps it up for me. tonight.  There’s a bunch on my plate right now so be on the lookout for more artwork from me to be posted here soon!!


Also…just 15 days left until we close on our new house!!! AHH!!! WOOT!!

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