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Nuke Con Wrap Up

October 11, 2011

Well I’m about a week late on posting my Nuke Con wrap up post, aren’t I?  Sorry about that but real life continues to be crazy.  Still unpacking and trying to get this house in order.  The day job is just absolutely insane right now.  Been really busy with commissions.  I have a story idea that’s been bouncing around a lot in my head. Collaborating on a story that will end up as a chapter in an ongoing webcomic.  Prepping for 30 Characters (which is FAST approaching).  And most importantly my Mr. Mom duties continue. The kids are great but my youngest fell at the park last week and cut her chin.  That was horrible…but luckily she only needed the cut, which was super deep, to be glued as opposed to any stitches.  It’s healing great.

My Table at Nuke Con 2011

So when we last met I was commenting on the first night of Nuke Con.  Saturday and Sunday were pretty much more of the same.  Fun but very slow.  I got that one commission on Friday…then a couple on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Here’s the sketch card commissions I completed from the show:

Captain Cold


Dalek and the TARDIS


A couple of fun cards that I’m very proud of.  Also at the show I worked on a big commission that is going in the mail this week out to a friend for a Christmas present.  I can’t show you that one yet…but I really can’t wait until December so you can see it.  It’s one of my best drawings to date.  I would say is almost looks professional. Almost.

Nuke had a silent art auction and I had several pieces on display.  I wasn’t really that surprised that none of my art sold (some of the work on display there was really fantastic) but I think I’ll post them all here on the site for sale at some point. (maybe get an Etsy or something…? I should look into that)

Now…this whole post so far I think may have come off as very negative.  The truth is, while I wish I had sold more artwork, I had a really great weekend.  I got to meet Jen Breeden, the creator of the mega-long running  awesomely awesome webcomic The Devils Panties.  Her table was piled high with books, swag and sale items.  Jen really knows how to do it. Hopefully I’m near that level some day.  Fredd Gorham was there rock’n it as per.  I had a great table neighbor, Kim, who I’d met a handful of times at the local Artist Jams but had a few days to get to know a little better.  Then on Sunday local comics guru Lou Simpson sat next to me and we got to catch up.  Lou’s a character. 🙂  Once upon a time I took his creating comics class at the local community college.  Ahh…the good ‘ol days!!  FINALLY got to meet Cay Combs of the Nerdtron.  I’ve been wanting to meet that dude for a while.  I gotta get a table at a Nerdtron even ASAP. I hear they’re pretty frig’n cool.  Also over the weekend I got to catch up with a bunch of folks that I hadn’t seen in quite a while.

All-in-all it was a great weekend.  I mean…where else in town could I have seen a grown man running across a convention hall holding the back of his pants because he crapped himself?!  Gaming nerds are some cooky, fun people…they’re just not all that interested in art during a show like this.  But then…show just wasn’t really set up with artists in mind, was it? Next year Fredd is taking over the artists alley so I think it should be better for us.  Maybe more artists and more traffic?  In any case…I’ll be attending again next year so mark it on your calendars now!!! 😀

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