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30 Characters: #6 – Crag

November 6, 2011

Like hundreds of other US Military service members, Kevin Kreiger volunteered to participate in a top secret program to help create super powered men and women to help defend out country.  He was released from active duty and placed in a medical facility operated by a company called MediTex.  After over a year of  treatment Kevin had begun to show signs of enhanced endurance and strength.  During one treatment one of the other “patients” caused a massive radiation burst throughout the facility. That radioactive burst mixed with the radiation treatment that was already going on caused a massive explosion.  Kevin woke days later in an ICU.  At first the doctors thought that the accident has only slightly accelerated the original treatment…but soon Kevin’s skin began showing strange signs of hardening.  The excruciating transformation process happened slowly but within a month Kevins body had turned into a type of living stone.  The transformation robbed Kevin of his intelligence. He eventually broke himself out destroying half of the building and injuring many doctors, nurses and security personnel.

On his own, he took on the name Crag and is currently wandering around causing random destruction in his wake. Essentially now a mindless monster it is theorized that Kevin’s consciousness still resides deep inside…but so far no one has been able to contain him long enough to try and help.

* This character was created as part of the 30 Characters challenge. To see HUNDREDS of new characters daily throughout the month of November please visit and search twitter for #30characters

**this character’s powers were rolled at random from the Heroes Unlimited RPG system. His rolls resulted in the following:

Education Level: 2 years of college
Power Category: Experiment – Rad – Accident
# of Powers – 1 Major. 2 Minor
Side Effect: whole body glows
Experiment Sponsor: Medical Research Facility
Status with Sponsor: Thrown out. Very Hostile
Alter Physical Structure: Stone
Extraordinary Mental Endurance
Mental Stun
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  1. November 8, 2011 6:13 am

    My favorite so far! Very cool!

    • Eric permalink*
      November 8, 2011 7:08 am

      Thanks! I’m really proud of this one too. It turned out almost like I had envisioned it. 🙂


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