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30 Characters: #10 – Quartz

November 12, 2011

Lab technician at MediTex labs, Sonya Svetlana was assigned to the Kevin Kreiger case.  Her duties included administering medication and tests to Kevin during his lengthy experimentation process.  However, Sonya had an alternate agenda. She intended to steal the scientific advancements of MediTex and sell them to the highest bidder.  Before she could obtain the complete set of data required by her black market buyers…the same incident that caused Kevin Kreiger to transform into Crag also effected Sonya, who was in the room administering a treatment.  Sonya didn’t transform into a living stone beast Crag but she did find that things began to change.  At her command…earth and stone become like a living rock and does her bidding.  Her true colors have shown themselves since obtaining this power.  Going by her new name, Quartz, this super villain uses her powers along with her newly found seductive beauty to become a serious threat to public safety and national security.

* This character was created as part of the 30 Characters challenge. To see HUNDREDS of new characters daily throughout the month of November please visit and search twitter for #30characters

**this character’s powers were rolled at random from the Heroes Unlimited RPG system. His rolls resulted in the following:

Education Level: 4 years of college
Power Category: Mutant
# of Powers – 1 Major – 1 Minor
Cause of Mutation: Deliberate Experimentation
Unusual Characteristic: Small horns – 3 inches long

Control Element – Earth
Extraordinary Physical Beauty

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