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30 Characters: #12 – Photon

November 15, 2011

Bethany Jenning came to the military straight out of college.  She had a degree in aviation so when she got wind that there were some sort of experiments happening to induce wingless flight…she signed up right away.  After months of testing she finally was approved for the trial.  The doctors came to realize quite soon that she was a natural.  The experiments were successful beyond anyone imagination.  Not only was Bethany able to create and sustain stable flight…but she was able to move at incredible speeds.  The upper limits of her flight speed have yet to be pinned down but she can move at least at mach 2 (roughly 1400 mph).  Her body produces an electromagnetic field that allows her to fly and also breaks the air around her so that she doesn’t get ripped apart by turbulence.  Her vision also vastly improved allowing her to see the ground in clear detail from thousands of feet up in the air.

Bethany took the name Photon is now an active member of Program 402 and can typically be seen in the skys above any sort of incident acting as the team’s eyes in the sky.

* This character was created as part of the 30 Characters challenge. To see HUNDREDS of new characters daily throughout the month of November please visit and search twitter for #30characters

**this character’s powers were rolled at random from the Heroes Unlimited RPG system. His rolls resulted in the following:

Education Level: 4 years of college
Power Category: Experiment – Rad – experiment that can not be replicated
# of Powers – 4 minor
Side Effect: Increased Mass
Experiment Sponsor:
Status with Sponsor: Allowed to leave very friendly

Super Vision: Advanced Sight
Healing Factor
Energy Expulsion: Electrical Field
Flight: Wingless

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