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30 Characters: #13 – T’th Klaun

November 20, 2011

One cold winter night a meteoroid slammed into a bean in the middle of Iowa.  Authorities arrived on the scene to find that is wasn’t just a rock. It was a space craft. Program 402 was called and agents were dispatched to the site.  The strange craft was relocated to a secret hangar to be studied but it wasn’t long before the hatch opened.  The craft appeared to be empty but what the scientists didn’t know was that the alien inside, T’th Klaun, utilized some of his advanced technology and shrank himself down to just 1/8 of an inch tall.  T’th found his way to a computer terminal and cracked into the 402 Network.  He downloaded all the information her could  and came to the conclusion that these humans were no match for his advanced biology and technology.  He resumed his full size and announced to the scientists that he would be taking over not just the base…but also the planet.  T’th never expressed any type of anger or malice toward any human…but his planet of origin the strongest, most advanced group was always the leader.  After an initial skirmish a handful of Program 402 superhero agents arrived and rather quickly subdued T’th.  He was placed in a holding facility but quickly shrank down and escaped.  He is now on listed as a super villain and is at large presumably plotting to take over the world.

* This character was created as part of the 30 Characters challenge. To see HUNDREDS of new characters daily throughout the month of November please visit and search twitter for #30characters

**In an attempt to catch up on these posts…I’ll not be rendering any of my 30 characters posts for a while.  I LOVE coloring these but I’m mega-slow at it.  So you can look forward to (ha!) either line art or simple flats on my posts here for a while.  I’m hoping to catch up though.

***this character’s powers were rolled at random from the Heroes Unlimited RPG system. His rolls resulted in the following:

Education Level: Alien Engineer – computers/equipment/mechanical
Power Category: Alien
Alien Appearance: Insect (bug eyes, antenna, claw hands/feet, exoskeleton)
Physiological enhancement: From a night planet (sensitive to light. nightvision)
# of Powers – 1 major 1 minor
Reason for coming to earth: Last of his people – crash landed on earth – Studied Earth
Special Space Weapon: mini-explosive devices

Shrink – Down to ⅛” – Constant Mass
Extraordinary Mental Endurance


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  1. November 20, 2011 2:11 pm

    nice character!

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