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30 Characters: #14 – Commander Folk

November 20, 2011

During most events where Program 402 agents are sent into the field you will find Commander John Folk coordinating both super and standard human agents.  He does not himself have any sort of super powers but he is trained to the peek of human potential so is more than a match for most.  In all circumstances Cmd. Folk is in charge when he in the field. Those under his command typically follow his orders without question.

John Folk joined the Marines after college.  He went through officers school at the same time as going for his PhD in Strategic Planning.  His career took an abrupt shift during a fire fight in the middle east when what was thought to be a group of insurgent militants turned out to be a pair of super villains who were blasting everything in their path.  Folk single handedly disabled and captured both of the villains.  This drew the attention of Program 402 directors…who invited Folk to join the secret agency.

* This character was created as part of the 30 Characters challenge. To see HUNDREDS of new characters daily throughout the month of November please visit and search twitter for #30characters

**In an attempt to catch up on these posts…I’ll not be rendering any of my 30 characters posts for a while.  I LOVE coloring these but I’m mega-slow at it.  So you can look forward to (ha!) either line art or simple flats on my posts here for a while.  I’m hoping to catch up though.

***this character’s powers were rolled at random from the Heroes Unlimited RPG system. His rolls resulted in the following:

Education Level: PhD
Power Category: Physical Training
# of Powers – zero

no powers but this character is in peak physical condition. They can fight at a world class level and are awesome.

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