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30 Characters: #15 – Gesicht

November 20, 2011

After his undergrad in Berlin Lukas Ludwig came to the United States to receive his Masters Degree in Quantum Mathematics.  He taught mathematics at a small university for 10 years before being invited into the join a team of scientists from the National Advanced Technologies.  The NAT develops technologies in all fields from basic mechanics, future technologies, super human experiments and more.  His team worked for years on a process to  heal disfigurements in trauma and burn victims.

One night while working late in the lab Lukas was adjusting the large radiation device which was used to administer the experimental treatment…one small lab rat, who had escaped from its cage, hopped onto the control panel and activated the machine.  Trapped down inside the machine, Lukas was exposed to an untold amount of exotic radiation.  By all right…he should have been killed almost instantly but he somehow survived. He was found hours later, badly burned over his entire body.  He was placed in the burn unit at the local military hospital but it because clear that his healing not going normally. As his burns scabbed over…then quickly flaked off and left behind perfectly normal pale pink skin.  Within days his entire body was completely healed.  He lay there in the hospital bed with an entire body of new baby soft skin.  It appeared to be a miracle!

 On the day he was to be released from the hospital a nurse came in with some discharge paperwork.  She turned around momentarily to and when she turned around again…she saw herself sitting on the bed. It was like looking into a mirror. A complete recreation of her entire body and clothing. All exactly the same except for the doppelganger’s glowing blue eyes.  Freaked…the nurse ran from the room. What she saw was Lukas who had inadvertently transformed his body to look exactly like the nurse’s.  Lukas caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. This shock was the last straw that cracked his already fragile psyche.  He ran from the hospital.

Now completely insane, Ludwig now goes by the name Gesicht, which means Face in German.  He has the ability to change his physical form into any shape of any person he has seen.  His form changes completely from clothing and aesthetic accessories down to muscle and bone.  If he transforms into an old man…he is slow and weak but if he transforms into an Olympic weight lifter then he would have world class strength.  He is listed on the Super Villain list and  is considered highly dangerous.

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