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Happy New Year!!!

January 1, 2012

2012 is here folks!!!  Mayans be damned…this is set to be a kick ass year!!!  Our first year in our new house. Our 3rd baby is coming to meet us in about…11ish weeks. I’m involved in some very exciting art projects (none of which are flatting!!!!) and I have one more very exciting thing to announce!!!

Starting today I’ll be doing a Sketch-A-Day for all 366 days on 2012.  Once each day (or some times more if life drags me away and I get behind…which you KNOW is going to happen with the baby coming) I’ll be drawing and posting a small sketch. I created this preprinted 4.5 x 6″ cards with Sketch-A-Day, the date, my website and the # on them. There are no rules for myself as to what I draw and how I do it. Only that I draw at least one of these for each day of the year. 366 of ’em.  I’ll be posting those here on my site once a week (probably the weekends) and, unless otherwise marked, each drawing will be available for $10 each (plus shipping).  I’ll be creating a section of just for these so you’ll be able to see all the drawings in one huge gallery as I progress.

The idea here is to get me drawing regularly EVERY day. I lead a crazy busy life and a lot of times find myself going days (and sadly, sometimes weeks) without drawing anything. But that’s all changing in 2012.  I have sketch cards I want to draw. Web comics I’m committed to as well as one that I’m (shh) in the process of writing that need to be done.  My soul needs this.  I pretty much view myself as this colossal screw up and that really holds me back.  There are a lot of times when I want to draw…but the little voice in my head whispers to me “Just forget it…you don’t know what you’re doing and no one really cares anyway”  The only way to show that little voice that it’s wrong is by actually drawing stuff. So…here we go. I’m drawing stuff.  Every day. I hope you enjoy the drawings and, of course, feedback is always appreciated (good or bad).  If you have a particular image you’d like me to see or would like to commission a Sketch-A-Day drawing feel free to let me know. Here is Drawing number 1!!!

Available: $10

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