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Mac & Trouble!

February 19, 2012

Hey everyone.  Sorry I’ve been away for so long.  It’s been a crazy couple of months of me working on mostly stuff that I’m not allowed to post.  I know it looks like I’ve been abandoning my site…but I haven’t.  Just haven’t had anything I could show you and been too busy to post any other funny stuff.  News from the home front…baby number three will be coming to join us in about 4 – 6 weeks.  My wife is getting pretty big and uncomfortable.  I’ll be thrilled to meet the little baby…but also happy for my wife that she’ll have sole possession of her body again. You can expect lots of fun baby posts after he/she comes.

I hope you’ve been following along with my Sketch a Day project.  I got WAY behind because of a serious deadline I had but I’m working overtime now to get caught back up with that.  If you haven’t seen it yet please go see on my sister site:

One of the projects I’ve worked on recently is a handful of cards for the Mac and Trouble sketch card set.  Mac and Trouble is a comic project that is being put together be artist and author Rusty Gillian.  From the website:

Mac and Trouble are average house cats who fall through a wormhole in their litterbox and land in the middle of the Nexus of realities. But… was it an accident, or were they meant to be there ? Only the evil Professor Wormhole knows for sure.

The ‘Nexus’ is a place outside of space-time, where a mysterious group known as the ‘Collectors’ base their operations. For all intent and purpose, it appears that they’re operating out of a Movie Studio filled with all sorts of amazing characters and props, that interact with reality.

They’re two really fun characters and I had a great time working on the cards.  Thanks to Rusty for letting me in on the set.  Find out more about Mac and Trouble through the informational site by clicking HERE. And so I present…my cards!

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