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Titanic Commemorative Card Set

July 13, 2012

I was recently invited to work on just a handful of cards for the Titanic Commemorative Card Set , which remembers the 100th Anniversary of the tragedy, by UK based trading card company. Cult-Stuff. This is my first set with Cult-Stuff. They’re good people and great to work for.  I like to research the things I’m working on…and since I’m kind of a history nerd the whole process on these Titanic cards was a boat load (bazinga) of fun for me. Enjoy!  I also have 2 more sets that I’ll have cards for Cult-Stuff out this year so keep your eyes peeled for that artwork very soon!

And please visit to learn more about the company the Titanic Commemorative Card Set and to purchase your very own cards today!! Maybe you’ll get super lucky and pull one of my cards!!

ps: it’s good to be able to start posting artwork to my site again. I’ve been working steady but everything is either still in the works or is stuff I can’t post until release dates. Sorry for the leaving the site so bare for so long. Thanks for sticking with me!!

p-double-s: I love the new gallery feature that I’m using now on my site. SO much cleaner and prettier than just placing a gazillion images into my posts. ❤

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  1. July 14, 2012 7:33 am

    We like your work.

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