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Looking for a little Inking help…please?

July 20, 2012

Some time back I found this page of artwork pencilled by the god-like Jack Kirby way back in the day.  I applied some of my photoshop magic and prepped it to be inked digitally…and then I realized that I’m absolutely useless at inking in photoshop. SO…I’m hoping that one of my faithful followers IS a good digital (or analog I suppose) inker and would be willing to ink this so that I could try my hand at coloring it.  I’d like to add this to my portfolio of colored pieces.  If you’d like to ink it for me…of just to snag it for practice…please do so then contact me when i’s finished. I have no money to offer…but you’ll be fully credited for your work and a gigantic high-5 from me the next time you see me. 🙂

To download the PSD file click on the image OR click right here.


Mick Clausen from MindWinder Studios contacted me about inking the Kirby Cap piece.  Here’s his work (which is AWESOME).  HUGE thank to Mick for inking for me.  I’ll be coloring this in between things but until then I’ll be leaving the file on here so anyone can download the file and practice inking it.

  UPDATE!!!  WIP: Flats 

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