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Happy 2013!

January 7, 2013

Hey everyone! As you can see I haven’t posted ANYTHING here since September. At that time I let it be known that I was hired to color a HUGE project for Heroes Fallen Studios. Well that project has officially wrapped (wheeeew!!!!) so I think you’ll FINALLY start to see some posts from me.  That job was long and difficult and stressful and horrible and AMAZING! I loved it. If only I could line up some more jobs like that I could go FULL TIME as a colorist (which is actually my ultimate goal with all this).

So I can’t post ANY of that artwork YET but you’ll see it here as SOON as I’m allowed to show it off. Also, I picked up one small color commission this week which (I think) turned out great so that’ll get posted probably this week as well.  And there’s still a drawing/coloring job plus 2 small sketch cards sets on my immediate to-do list. Then one more back burner coloring job behind that.  Then I plan on submitting my colored pages to every comic book company known to man so I can try and pick up more and more and more and more coloring work! 🙂

Anyway…I’m still getting SEVERAL hits here every day which I think is saying something considering there’s not been any new content in months. Thanks for sticking with me folks. I hope to get TONS of artwork posted here soon.

Talk to you very soon!

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