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Memorial Weekend Vacation Fund Sketch Sale!!!

May 24, 2013

Memorial Weekend Summer Vacation Fund Sketch Sale!
(Friday May 24th 2013 thru 11:59pm on Monday May 27th)

Been wanting to get a sketch of your favorite comic book, television or cinema character? Or even of your RPG character? Now is your chance to get that drawing done on the CHEAP!! The family and I are piling into the van here soon and driving out east to visit some family and it would be GREAT to have a little extra cash on hand to help us make the trip successful.

Here are the details!!

All sketches are 9 x 12 black and white plus gray tones limited to two characters max for just 10 bucks each (plus $1.50 postage in the US. International shipping extra). Just leave a comment here, contact me through twitter @GeekyWhiteGuy, message me on or simply email me your request to eric [at] geekywhiteguy [dot] com.  I’ll be working on the drawings all this weekend and will get them in the post ASAP. Hopefully I have SO MANY orders that I’m working on them ALL June!! 🙂

Order one or maybe two! (I’ll bundle postage!) Tell your friends!! Link this page everyone you know!! Help my give my family a great start to their summer vacation! Thank you!!

The list so far: 

  1. Doctor Who for Emily Jones DONE!!
  2. Droideka for Rebecca Harness (@Beccabits) DONE!!
  3. Thri-Kreen (D&D creature) for Jarrod Olson ((@d20jarrod) DONE!!
  4. La Muerte (original character!) for Robert Keeme DONE!
  5. BatMan (with bats!) for Lance DONE!!
  6. Makenzie Miller as a superhero! 🙂 DONE!!
  7. Optimus Prime (with NO robolips) for Joe Cook DONE!!
  8. Stewie, Bender & Roger for Jeremy Zipay DONE!!
  9. The Doctor & Rose for Melissa Ox DONE!!
  10. The Hulk for Kellie Kattleman DONE!!
  11. IronMan w/ Girlfriend (who had gigantic comic book boobs) for Pat Erickson DONE!!
  12. Super Cop for Gloria Erickson
  13. Mine Craft for Greyson Erickson
  14. Winnie the Pooh for Mickey Stubbs
  15. The Greatest American Hero for Jesse Kiefer
  16. Homer and Marge for Caryn
  17. A Gnoll fighting a  raptorian/necromancer for Andrew Bogue
  18. Super Star Destroyer & the Death Star for Chris Kollasch
  19. Zoidberg for Angela bohling
  20. Grandkids for Terry Nash
  21. Hulk -vs- TRex for Xander Jasa
  22. Xanders w/ the Avengers for Xander Jasa
  23. Buffy the Vampire Slayer for @pelto
  24. Psycho King for Frank Roark

Here are the finished drawings so far!

Below is are some random samplings of my work and what you might expect to see. Or you can also surf around my site to see more of my work.



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