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Korean War 60th Anniversary Comic Absolutely FREE

September 4, 2013

Click here to read the entire book FREE. (no…seriously…completely 100% FREE)

Just about 1 year ago a good buddy of mine, Dan Monroe, sent me a short email giving me a heads up that an Art Director friend of his was looking for a colorist on a job that could turn out to be lucrative and, more importantly, extremely beneficial to my future a “career” as a colorist. I contacted the main man at Heroes Fallen Studios (a non-profit organization which creates, promotes and donates time, money and artwork to military members and families), Clayton Murwin.  After sending my credentials, portfolio and a short conversation including very little (ok…no) negotiation I was hired.  This was the first, true, complete comic book that I was hired for.

Turns out the order was from the Department of Defense who hired Heroes Fallen Studios to create TWO complete books, 50 pages each plus covers and several pin up pages.  All the pages were done (on deadline) and turned in January 1, 2013 in hopes of a publication date on or before the 60th anniversary of the ending Korean War on July 27th.  The entire team waited anxiously to hear from the Department of Defense about the publication. Months came and went…and nothing. No word what so ever. The anniversary date came…and went. The war known as The Forgotten War appears to have been forgotten again…except this time it was by a US Governmental agency. Writer/Artist Richard Meyer pushed and pushed to find out what happened to this book. I sent emails to as many people as I could think to send concerning it (including some news outlets).  I was getting close to thinking that maybe the books were locked in that giant governmental warehouse where the Arc of the Covenant is kept. (Top. Men.)

Imagine how surprised I was to find out this week…that Richard Meyer had found the first of the two books posted absolutely copyright restriction free…on the Korean War 60th Anniversary website.  Its just the first of 2 books and they posted the single page, press ready files including the bleed areas and cut marks but NOT presented in the appropriate spread view.  It destroys the intended appeal and flow of the book. It’s horrible really…but since I have access to the complete original press files (I set them up actually) I decided that it behooves me present the book the way it SHOULD be presented. And Now is your chance to see it.

Please read this book. Not just for the typical internet artwork posting narcissistic reasons…but because people don’t give the veterans, POWs and casualties of the Korean War the proper respect.  So PLEASE….PLEASE click on the first spread to load a PDF of the book. It’s completely copyright free so pass it around. Let people know about the book. Let them know about the battle at the Chosin Reservoir.  About Yancey, Gallagher, Robinson, Cole, McDermott, Brown and Hudner.  Thank you.

 To find the posting on the KW60 website…click here:

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