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The Frozen Chosin Kickstarter!

September 27, 2013
Click on the image to view the Kickstarter page

Click on the image to view the Kickstarter page

If you know me or have followed my website at all you know that almost exactly 1 year ago I was hired to color 2 fifty page graphic novels commemorating the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War. The project was a HUGE learning experience for me and the pages I produced turned out (IMHO) great. I’m REALLY proud of the work there. I was hired by a company called Heroes Fallen Studios, specifically by the main man over there named Clayton Murwin. He took a chance on me and I’m tremendously appreciative to hi for that. Heroes Fallen Studios was contracted by the public relations arm of the Department of Defense to create the books for the KW60 organization (which is also a government agency).

Of the two books that were produced, the first book was written and drawn by a guy named Richard Meyer. Richard is a former Marine (I’ll let you read more about him on the Kickstarter page in his own words) and artist who draws in an energetic animation style which I REALLY enjoy coloring.  His knowledge of the military and military history made him a brilliant asset to this book and I felt lucky to be working with him.

So everyone involved in the project busted their butts and got the books turned in on deadline (first week of January 2013). We were all REALLY excited for the books to come out so when July 2013 (the 60th anniversary) came and went it was a huge disappointment that the books were lost in the limbo of government bureaucracy somewhere. Phone calls were placed and emails were sent with little to no response from the powers that be. It’s ironic that a book about what has been coined The Forgotten War seemed to have been forgotten.  Finally a few weeks ago Richard, who doggedly perused finding the book and getting it in the hands of the public, found book 1 in PDF form dumped on the KW60 website with a note releasing all copyrights on the book and a request to print the book and enjoy.  You can read more about this, including your chance to read entire book one on screen absolutely free, from my previous post right here on by clicking here.

And now…Richard is taking this project to the next level.  He has been putting together an 80 page books about the Chosin Reservoir Campaign has hired me to be the colorist and, seeing as how KW60 released the copy right and asked people to print and share the first book…he’s adding those 50 pages to his planned 80 and it releasing it as one giant book!! To get all this going Richard has a Kickstarter Campaign running right now and we REALLY need your help to get this project off the ground!!  The KS has a low target goal which is basically just to get all the artwork completed and prepared for print.  After that Richard plans on self publishing and shopping the book around to libraries.  

This is a project that’s close to my heart and I really hope you can help us out.  Watch Richard’s KS video, pledge a few bucks and share the link with a friend. Thank you for all your support!! 😀

Click the image above oh here to view the campaign page! Thanks!!!


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