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My BIG Announcement!

February 22, 2017

In 2008 I discovered that some people were hired by companies to draw sketch cards. If you don’t know what a sketch card is first of all…what have you been doing with your life? A sketch card is a trading card (the size of a “baseball” card) which is a blank on one or both sides that an artist draws an original drawing on. I often sell these when I table at conventions because are small, relatively inexpensive and don’t take a ton of time to create compared to a large piece. The way I discovered sketch cards was that I heard people were being hired to draw Star Wars cards for the Topps trading card company. I knew instantly that I was going to try to get work on a Star Wars sketch card set. I went to work right away practicing the art of drawing small and getting together a portfolio of work that might help me land it! I reached out to people I knew that may be able to help me contact the powers that be. Emails were sent and I waited to hear back. No one contacted me.

A few months later I worked on a couple sketch card sets so I gathered up my revised portfolio and submitted again! This time with a little work under my belt (some of it not really completely terrible) I felt like I was sure to get in. No one contacted me.

Months later with even more card sets in my portfolio, I submitted again. No one contacted me.

This cycle went on for the next 9 years. Every 6 months I would gather up a portfolio and send it into Topps in hopes of getting on a set. Actually…after a couple years of submitting I just wanted to hear back from them. ANYTHING back from them. Even a “Got your portfolio and it sucks” type of response would have been great!! But, no. Not a peep. Still, every 6 months I would submit my portfolio.

Last month, to my incredible surprise, I got a response! An invitation to work on an upcoming set! I replied right away that I would love to…then heard nothing for a couple weeks. I was just beginning to think maybe someone at Topps HQ made a mistake sending me the invite message when I received another form letter type email saying “If you are reading this email we have shipped cards to you”. I was bouncing off the walls but decided that I wouldn’t say anything about this until I got the cards in my hands. Just my luck I would announce it…and somehow Topps would file for bankruptcy or Trump would sign a new presidential order banning any type of artwork smaller than his hands (which are crazy small). I’m happy to say that today…the cards showed up!!


This is where the magic happens!

It’s official! I have been hired to draw for the upcoming Star Wars: Galactic File sketch card set by Topps!! I have 50 cards plus 7 Artist Return cards and could NOT be more excited about it! I’m not legally allowed to post any of the drawings I create until they are complete and approved so you won’t see any of my work until sometime in mid-to-late May but you can be sure that I’ll post everything I’m allowed to the moment they tell me it’s ok. Between these cards (which I couldn’t ever say no to), the other work I already have on the books and the rest of things I have to do every day/week/month I plan on being fairly unavailable for any sort of human interaction for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry, though. I’ll be right here…making art.

For more information about the Star Wars: Galactic Wars card set please visit Topp’s website.

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