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The All New!

August 1, 2017

There has been SO MUCH going on behind the scenes lately for me! On top of all the regular family summer time madness (activities for our four kids, camping, vacationing, etc), my day job, the long-term color job that I kicked back into gear and the Star Wars sketch cards I’ve been creating  for Topps (wheew…I’m exhausted just typing that all out) I’ve also been updating my presence on the internet!

In the past, all my work and portfolios were posted here, on my WordPress site, but I never really loved the way it looked and worked. WordPress is GREAT at being a blog site. Not so great at being the portfolio site I wanted. Back in 2008, when I originally built this site, I was happy with it but was sure that it wouldn’t be around forever. There were too many menus and clunky links needed for visitors to get my work. I shared it a lot but was always a little embarrassed to do so because I knew it looked very amateurish. So now, everything has been completely rebuilt in a clean format specifically to spotlight my artwork and to connect with my audience. is now a stand alone site with a link to this wordpress site, my StoreEnvy site, my Facebook art page, plus all my social media pages. All the pages are now branded to look and feel the same and I hope my message is loud and clear. So here’s what I have to present to you today!

The all new! With it’s simple design you’re drawn directly into one of 6 Galleries! Illustration, Digital Coloring, Graphic Design, Sketch Cards, Graphic Design or my Complete Portfolio. You’ll also find my  links to all my other locations on the web, pricing menus, information about me and contact me links. This was a huge project for me and it seems like every day I’m find little things here-and-there that need to be fixed so if you find something that looks broken or doesn’t work right I encourage you to drop me a message to let me know so I can get it fixed.

The GeekyWhiteGuy WordPress Site

The blog right here at Along with styling it to match everything else, I’ve removed all the portfolios and cleaned up the links. This site is STRICTLY for news and views! This also allowed me to retain the years of blog posts I’ve posted here. It’s fun (and sometimes terrible) to go back and see my old work.

The GeekyWhiteGuy Facebook Art Page

Next I have the Facebook Art page at Coming up here pretty soon I’ll be setting my personal FB page to private and unfollowing the people I don’t personally know. This will allow me some piece of mind when I post about my kids, house or other personal things. Now, though, people will still be able to connect with me through my art page! This will ALSO allow me to reach a larger audience with my art! How many billions of people have a Facebook account?

The GeekyWhiteGuy Art Store

Eventually I will have a store integrated directly into my main website, but for now you can still purchase original art from me through Again, I’ve restyled the site to match and will be adding my Topps Star Wars Artist Proofs here as well this week!

I’ve also began to actually use my Instagram account at

There’s my somewhat underutilized Pintrest page at

And as always you can find all my ramblings on Twitter at

Thanks again for all the support everyone has shown me over the years. Please browse around my sites, if you haven’t already please follow me on all the things, send me a message if you like what I’m doing, share my sites with all your friends and, as always, if you would like some artwork done please let me know!!

Thank you!

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